I’m in this mood because of scorn (I’m in a mood for total war)

Buddha would frown, but when a man invests his time, energy, and creativity in a thing he forms a certain attachment too it.  And he does not take it kindly when that thing is arbitrarily taken away.

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  1. That’s what my husband says when I take all the empty soda cans and dishes out of his office… 😛

  2. Fuck Buddha…

    This is the world.. we live in it.. being attached and committed to stuff in it is one of the best things there is… Buddhism is nice for reflection.. but it’s obviously not enough..

    sorry about whatever was taken…

    1. Re: Fuck Buddha…

      That is why I can’t seem to understand how there can ever be any “end” of suffering. We live in this world and this world there will always be some sort of attachment to “things/people/etc.” So how can one ever get away from suffering? Or maybe that is the point, to accept the world as it is including embracing suffering.

      *head explodes*

  3. Well, we can duel in the sky again…


  4. this is what socialism failed to acknowledge….

    sorry about your aggravating loss….

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