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cartoon from Overall I am very, very happy with the Treo. With the addition of a 1GB SD card ($20 at Wal-Mart), a 2.5mm-to-3.5mm audio adapter (~5$ at Radioshack) , and some velcro (from my rack-o’-crap), I now have a very competent MP3 player for my car.  It worked admirably for the ride to work this morning.

The internet access is quite acceptable for mobile-friendly web pages everywhere I’ve tried it, and if I want to download something big I can do it in the Baltimore area, where it gets EVDO high-speed access.

I’ve been geeking out like mad for the past week, trying out different mobile web sites and applications. When I have some more time I’ll write up a list of the standouts.

My only complaint is that it’s kind of crashy.  It has a tendency to spontaneously reboot from time to time.

But all in all it looks like it is going to nicely fill the role I had in mind when I decided to buy it: a replacement for both my Palm and my phone which would finally do away with the need for screwing around with finicky PC/PDA synchronization.  Because it’s always got an internet connection, there is very little need for a PC to act as an intermediary, which eliminates my chief irritation with using my old Palm organizer.

(Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.)

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  1. I have the most important upgrade for your Palm Treo if you haven’t already purchased it.

    Screen protector!!!

    I bought a whole package for the old Palm IIIs. They were clearance as Palm quit making them. This was right before the iPods and a lot of PDA phones came out. Now they usually run $20 (way over-priced).

    So come visit and help me kill a few more beers. I’ll give you one. You just cut it down to size and place over the screen. Keeps the screen protected from scratches, etc.

    1. One came with it, and having done the cut-n-stick thing, I’m thinking that if I can buy them pre-sized I think it would be worth the cost. It would also be nice to find a kind that was less prone to trapping air bubbles.

      1. Yeah, I’ve always hated the bubbles. Though I’ve never had much trouble cutting them down. It’s nice that they included one free. Always seemed like a no brainer to me.

        I think what they need is microperferations.

  2. Glad its working out for you.

    I default back to this image when I’m having a challenging time with PDAs, not as clever as the above but it makes me smile.

    1. Hey man

      Nice shot…

      1. Re: Hey man

        thanks. first shot out of a new gun, the best shot I’ve ever made with it in fact.
        Fate must have been pleased.

  3. luddites

    Some people are just jealous.

    I don’t understand people who don’t like cell phones (“Telephone, so that annoying callers can bother me any time”) Do people really have that hard of a time saying no? When I don’t want to answer my phone or I am busy I just DON’T. My friends and family got used to it pretty damn quick. There’s nothing personal, and if they get all emo about it then I cut them free. I don’t need people like that.

    1. Re: luddites

      I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to have the ingrained idea that if their phone rings, they are required to answer it. Whenever the phone rings Stacey lunges for it, whether it’s across the bed or across the house. Often she does this with an expression of exasperation, yet she goes for it anyway. I’ve been slowly breaking her of this compulsion.

      Me, I only pick up a ringing phone if I feel like it. That’s what voicemail’s for. I deliberately configured my old phone to just make a single, brief, low-volume tone so that it wouldn’t ring and ring if I decided not to pick it up.

      1. Re: luddites

        Yeah, that is what voicemail is for. I’m busy a lot. I’m poly too so I might actually be BUSY. They understand or else they wouldn’t be hanging around with me in the first place.

        My ring is just the opposite of yours. There are times when I WANT to answer the phone too. Saying I’m half deaf is an understatement. My phone rings with a pretty good sound wave of an actual old-fashioned bell-ringer Ma-Bell phone. It’s loud. But if I put my hand over the phone holster it will almost totally silence it -that is if I heard it in the first place.

      2. Re: luddites

        Pete knows my choice quote: “Who the FUCK is calling!” … followed by my swift press of the red hangup button to send them to voicemail 😀

      3. Re: luddites

        I just leave mine on vibrate. I’ve gotten to the point where I can hear it across a room if its fairly quiet and I can feel it when its on my hip. Its not too bothersome that I feel I need to silence it, but it lets me know when someone’s calling.

        The only time I stick it on a ringer is when its absolutely important that I answer a call.

        1. Re: luddites

          One of the biggest reasons I like the blackberry/PDA is the end result is LESS people calling. Trial and error has taught them an email will get a response more quickly.

          As mine is provided by my employer, I can’t be nearly as judicious with the red button as I would like to be…I actually have to answer it.

          1. Re: luddites

            With mine, the easiest way to get a response is probably text messaging. Its reasonably non-intrusive, and gives me a chance to answer at my convenience without interfering with whatever I’m doing.

            If I could be bothered to set up an email account on mine, I’d probably use that as well.

          2. Re: luddites

            I tell all my students that I check my voice mail three times a week, but I check my e-mail three times a day. They get the message.

      4. Re: luddites

        I’ve always thoughtit’s a sort of funny thing about phones. You can MAKE a noise in someone else’s house even from thousands of miles away. You don’t have to be personally there to bug them. Which is part of why I alwys like text messaging or email over phones, that way I’m not bugging someone if they’re bust but they can get right back to me if they’re not.

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