Second chances

Those of you who have been in the Scouts know what a big deal the rank of Eagle Scout is.  Not just another piece of paper, it means that you know how to lead; that you’re motivated and can can carry a project through to conclusion; and that you’ve done something concrete to better the world.  One of my greatest regrets is that I never made Eagle.  And since I am long since past the age of 18, I never will.

So here’s a question: if you were in my position, what would you do to make up for it?  What accomplishment is a worthy stand-in for Eagle Scout?

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  1. Have you thought about getting involved in scouting again as a leader? I imagine helping other folks get to that level would be pretty gratifying. My father went that route as he always wanted to be a scout but never was, and he regretted it. He’s gotten quite a bit of satisfaction from doing it as an adult, however.

  2. Perhaps help a few inner-city or dis-advantaged kids reach Eagle Scout themselves.

    But you want a personal accomplishment. I’m not quite sure if there is a parrallel. It’s sort of like that fact that when a young kid does well there are accolades and they’re praised. But once you get older it’s just assumed you should. You might get thanked but a 30-40 yr old doesn’t get the accolades of youth.

    1. If you’re just looking for personal achievement. It might be a consideration to pursue a black belt in a martial art form. Perhaps aim even a little higher and set a goal of getting a 5th degree.

  3. Form your own mercenary company and conquer a South American village or two. You’d need excellent Scout skills to accomplish such a thing, yes?

  4. If you want the equivalent thump on your personal/professional resume, the only thing close to being an eagle scout is having military service on your record.

    I wouldn’t reccomend that as a good career decision though 🙂

    If it has nothing to do with accolades on your record, and more to do with personal accomplishment, then yes, you can absolutely do all the things you did back in scouts now. If I recall correctly, being an Eagle scout required you to organize a community service project. Oh, AND write a piece about your faith. Eagle Scouts aren’t allowed to be atheists. I am awaiting the day when an Eagle Scout claims to worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster to get out of that ridiculous requirement.

    1. I never had to write a piece about my faith, though it might have come up in the Eagle board. I distinctly remembering argue with them about the definition of “happiness”…10 years later I still think I was right.

      Might I ask where the “flying spaghetti monster” came from? Thats the second time this week I’ve heard it. 😉

      1. If you want to do a “scouty” thing that would certainly give you bragging rights for the rest of your life, how about hiking the AT? I personally would find that more impressive than eagle. (probably because I did one but know I’ll never do the other)

        1. Hiking the AT is one of my personal long term goals, one that I’m uncertain I will ever achieve. I hope to, in spite of myself, accomplish that goal before I die. (Which won’t be until I’m at least 120, darn it!)

      2. The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster

        Long story short, an atheist wrote a letter to the Kansas school board insisting that the theory of the Flying Spaghetti Monster be included in their science curriculum because it was just as valid as creationism.

        Atheists across the nation have no picked up on The Flying Spaghetti Monster as thier deity of choice, and boast proudly of having been “touched by his noodly appendage.”

        Also, the guy who started the movement is building a pirate ship, and is therefore cool.

        1. excellent, thank you.
          The quote I had heard (on the topic of amendments in the senate) was “I’ll sponsor 30 cents for your kids free milk, but be prepared to accept the flying spaghetti monster as your personal savior”.
          I found it quite amusing.

  5. Starting your own cult.

    1. Worked for L. Ron Hubbard!

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