When the revolution comes, I’ll be ready.

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Behold, the Longshot CS-6 Nerf Sniper Rifle. When I bought one for the Lad’s birthday, I had to get one for myself as well. I should probably feel embarrassed about how much sheer glee this toy brings me.

Pictures don’t do justice to the scale of this thing. Fully assembled and with the stock extended it’s over three feet long. For reference, that’s a 22″ monitor behind it on the desk.

It’s eerily lifelike, too. It’s a single-shot clip-fed bolt-action rifle with a collapsible stock and a folding bipod. Each clip holds six rounds, and new rounds are fed by racking the bolt back and forward with a deeply satisfying “chunk-CHUNK”. I’ve never felt this badass holding a blue and yellow hunk of plastic before.

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  1. Hahahaha, taking this one to work?

    1. I’d probably get shot before I got inside the gate…

  2. Now that is a hot piece of hardware. I have a friends son turning 5 next month…and this would piss off his mother to no end. perfect.

  3. I’m suprised my own husband isn’t pining for one.

  4. Holy shit…

    what kind of accuracy do you have and at what distance?

    I want.

    1. Re: Holy shit…

      The box claims 35 feet, and I think that’s a true statement. It uses special rounded-tip darts (no suction cups), to achieve the longest shooting distance of any Nerf gun I’ve ever used.

      On the other hand, it doesn’t actually have a rifled barrel, and consequently the darts don’t have a stabilizing spin as far I can tell. So accuracy is about what you would expect for a Nerf gun. It took me quite a few shots to nail a soda can from across the room last night, with the gun stabilized on my desk and sighting through the scope. You also have to compensate for how far the dart falls while in transit.

      But all that said, I’m sure it shoots much tighter groups at 20′ than my Maverick.

      1. Excellent…

        I will have to save up some plasma money and get one…

        Cool.. thanks.

        In other news.. In past posts you have mentioned both a kind of depression and malaise and what-not that you have been feeling lately… I don’t know if this is still going on.. but I had a suggestion…

        It may not be viable.. but do you have access to a fireplace in your abode or in the abode of someone in your area? I suggest this because over the past week, we have finally been utilizing the fireplace in our house and it has been wonderful for just clearing one’s head and releasing stress.. both making the fire, keeping it going, and watching it burn down. Jai has especially benefitted… three times since thursday, we have gone down to the basement (where it was located) and we have fallen asleep in front of it and then headed up back to our room after it was out and we have slept much better than before… Why we haven’t done this sooner is that the space where the fireplace resides was in the room of a roommate that we’ve had to kick out for his refusal and inability to pay us rent for the past three months. Now that this major trauma in our lives has been resolved, we now not only are doing better… but have discovered the joy of fires..

        If you have the chance.. I definitely suggest just building a fire or finding a place where you can enjoy an evening in front of one..

        Good Luck and happy VD Day in advance.. 😉

  5. Yes, training thousands of 7 yr olds for future missions in Iraq and elsewhere…


    Actually, I’d buy a little metallic spray paint and flat black and you can have that think looking enough like a gun to get a state trooper to shoot ya in the back.

  6. This may be a bit over the top, but I’ve always loved what the guys on this forum can do. http://nerfhaven.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=7527
    (Modifying a longshot?)

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