Why do men wear sweaters?

I never liked pullover sweaters as a child.  I’ve always been sensitive to itchy fabric, and most sweaters are made of wool.  But more than that, I always felt constricted by them.  Like I was pulling a mini straitjacket on.  I didn’t mind cardigans so much, for that reason.

I’ve seen fashion advice recommending that, as a man, I should find the right sweater.  And I see a lot of guys at the office wearing them.

The thing is, whenever I see a guy wearing a sweater, it says one thing to me: harmless.  It’s like a “tame” flag.  It’s the male equivalent of a baggy, shapeless dress.  It frumpifies.

Is it just me?  Do other people see them differently?

Ladies?  Are men in sweaters sexy?


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  1. I hate pulling anything other than a short-sleeved T-shirt over my head and I really don’t muck like that.

    I don’t like long-sleeved pullovers either. If I can’t unbutton or unzip it I won’t wear it (unless it is a simple T-shirt.

    It screws with my hair and feels like a straight-jacket just as you said. The heavier the fabric the worse it bothers me.

  2. Depends on the sweater…

    You wear them to stay warm. When it it is 0′ out before windchill as it was wont to do here for two weeks straight this past month.. you just wear them no matter what…

    As for fashion.. I do actually have a couple of good sweaters.. Both of my best ones I got in Germany. One is a big Irish Wool Sweater (white) that is definitely large–but has cool patterns knitted into it and the collar has a zipper in it down to Upper chest level. The collar makes the difference.. I can wear it with my leather pants and it makes me look like I’m some cool scandinavian dude..

    My second cool sweater I actually stole from my last girlfriend (actually I traded her for it..). It’s blue so it catches my eyes and its a turtleneck. It’s not overly bulky, but rather thin, even though it is nice and warm. It looks good with blue jeans or my leather pants.. It is a bit scratchy.. but I’m not overly sensitive…

    Neither of these sweaters make me look harmless–but then again, they were designed in Europe, where they actually make men’s clothes that aren’t design with the intention of making you look like a beer-bellied dork…

  3. It is entirely dependent on the sweater. Most sweaters are lame, and they really only work well on well built/husky men, IMHO. Skinny mofos like you can usually rock a sweater vest.

  4. Oh VERY sexy. There is nothing like slipping your arms around a strong chest enveloped in cashemere. And sweater vests on broad shoulders make me go weak in the knees. Of course, I’m a sucker for fashion in general. Nothing says, “you’re not worth the effort” to me like a person in jeans and a t-shirt.

    1. YES! I was afraid that all the women would say “no.”
      Thank you. 😀

      Personally (mumbles and blushes) I think a guy in a sweater is very sexy. I know it’s probably considered to look sort of “preppy”, but something about the idea of that strong chest and beautiful shoulders being all toasty in there makes me want to slip under there too.

      Anddd I’m doneeee. 🙂

  5. I’ve had many a nice looking and comfortable sweater. Sweaters took a hit from Cosby constantly wearing those hip, fugly ones which may lead somewhat to your Softening feeling about them. Surely, people can choose the wrong style to wear for themselves that just makes them look goofy, but for me the only sweater style that always makes one look dated or old or soft is the button-up ones. “Git off mah damn lawn, yoo kidz” just screams out when a man of any age or body shape wears a button-up sweater.

    Womenz look awesome in sweaters, on the other hand. Something about the way they curve around the breasts. Yum.

    1. The thing is, whenever I see a guy wearing a sweater, it says one thing to me: harmless. It’s like a “tame” flag. It’s the male equivalent of a baggy, shapeless dress. It frumpifies.

      I completely agree, that’s why I wear them. They conceal a glock and a knife really well… 😉

  6. See, I have this idea to make high fashion mail business suits. Yes, modern day suits made in chain mail fashion. Except using lighter materials such as plastics and graphites, etc.

    The idea being the corporate world is truly a battlefield. I figure if I were to design such, I could at least guarantee one sail to “Larry Ellison”.


    1. You can get a really light machine-made stainless steel weave fairly easily. There are companies out there who weave gloves and aprons for butchers. You can usually find a couple of pieces on ebay at any one time. If you really want, I also remember an armor and costuming company that sold the machine-made stuff in various size sheets. If you want a weave made with plastics, I know Steve Jackson’s effects company makes a very realistic looking maille (used in LOTR and Kingdom of Heaven).

      A vest made with a finer weave might look very good with the right color suit.

  7. I like pull over sweaters because unlike cardigans, they don’t get into the things that I’m working on when I lean over. Now I have to dress nice these days due to work. I have a couple that are good for work or good with vinyl pants and one in particular that is very “huggable”. I was a cardigan fan back in my grunge days (good goth that was like14 years ago) but these days it’s all pull overs. As for it being too tight I’d have to see the fit to make a real judgement.

  8. Sweaters are definitely sexy, as long as they’re good sweaters and not refugees from 1985.

    It’s hard to go wrong with a good Irish fisherman’s sweater. =)

    1. Ditto. 😀 Sweaters from the 80’s are not so good. Some guy rocking a sweater from the 80’s would remind me of the dad on Full House and would made me laugh. 🙂

  9. No, not at all… Unless it’s Voltaire. He has the case of Cosbysia… 😉

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