“Oh, my dreams–“

For a little while I was keeping track of my dreams, particularly around the time I was reading a lot of Jung.  (Aside: Funny how as soon as you start reading about Jungian dream analysis, your dreams start getting all Jungian).  But these days there’s no point.  It’s not that I don’t dream.  It’s just that the alarm clock is set to turn on NPR in the morning.  So the only dreams I remember are news dreams.

Like recently I dreamed I was at a prayer meeting, and George W. Bush showed up, and confided that he had lung cancer or something like it.  He was a nice guy in person, although he could be a little stuffy.  Another time recently I dreamed I was in India at the headwaters of the Ganges (NPR was doing a series on the Ganges).

Actually it’s probably an improvement over my old dreams, since my unconscious by itself is rarely very imaginative.

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  1. I’ve been dream blogging a lot recently because I have been having very vivid lifelike dreams.

    Mostly about cuddles.

    I don’t think they require much analysis.

    1. I’ve been having a lot of cuddle dreams too. Thankfully not the same dreams that feature GW Bush.

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