Is there anything worth seeing in Kansas City?

I’m planning to go to Kansas City this summer for the Robert Heinlein Centennial. The question is, do I want to just make it a whirlwind trip with just enough time to take in the festivities? Or is it worth the extra money to make it a more leisurely excursion, with some time to see the sights? Has anyone been there? What’s to see/do?

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  1. I drove through it, it looked sad and poor to me. Actually all of Kansas made me feel sad. But we didn’t stop so who knows, great things could have been hidden.

    1. It’s in Missouri, not Kansas.

      1. Actually, it’s in both. But the majority of the city is in Missouri.

        1. Duh! Thanks. :-p

          I meant the event, not the city.

  2. I’ve been there before. I’d give KC an extra day or 2, and I’d leave a day for Independence, MO, which is about a half hour drive outside KC. It’s the starting point for the Oregon Trail and the Truman Library and Museum is there. (I worked at the Truman Library and Museum for about 5 days a few years ago. It’s actually where I met .)

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