Balance Sheet

WIN: I got an overdue promotion (I’m finally a “Senior Engineer”) and a hefty raise yesterday.

LOSE: Just a pet peeve, I guess, but for some reason I hate it when people walking by my cubicle toss their garbage into my trashcan.  Granted, it’s right near the cube door, and all goes to the same place in the end.  But it seems vaguely disrespectful in a way I can’t quite put my finger on.  I’d move my trash can, but I don’t want to make the janitorial staff’s job any harder.

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  1. Poke! Your “LOSE” section is three times as big as your “WIN”, and that’s quite the chunky win. 🙂 Celebrate!


    1. But surely you understand my joy is completely negated by minor irritations 😉

  2. Cool Dude! Congrats.. more money is always cool…

    as for your Lose–just to make a point, you could, when this happens next, turn around, grab your trash can and go and empty it into theirs, just to make a point… They shouldn’t really complain, right?

    1. Difficult to do when the offender is some visiting bigwig from $Customer. While flying out to $Customer’s HQ with a trash bag would probably rate well on the list of all-time Points Well and Truly Made, I’m not sure the cost/benefit analysis comes out in my favor 😉

      1. Aww…

        That would definitely earn you some of those points…

        In any case.. to place your finger–the rudeness comes not necessarily from using your trash can.. but from using it without asking you.

        It is in your space, they intruded–even if ever so briefly–and the responsible thing would have been to ask if they could have used it.

        I understand.. something like that would have bothered me too…

  3. Your lose would piss me off, too. But congrats on your win!


    apparently the promotion doesn’t come with an office door you can close, eh?

    BTW…I just did that this morning with a few scraps of paper this morning…the girl said “hey, I didn’t give you permission to use my trash!” I replied, “It wasn’t trash…it was recycling…”.

    I could understand it if I was throwing large amounts in, or gross items that she might have to dig through looking for that lost scrap she needed…
    but really…it isn’t like she dumpes her own trash anyway, so how is it “hers”?

    That is the cost of having a cubicle across from the document counter, where no other trash cans have a place to be….

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