“–I have five senses, I need thousands more – at least.”

And sometime in that endless night
I closed my eyes and dreamed of fields
White with flowers
Rippling far as eyes could see

And when I opened up my eyes
Only seconds here had passed
And you winked at me
With a guilty-angel grin

And when we rose we were as one
Tireless we traveled on
Dragged blinking stars down from the sky
And with our arms stretched out

Ushered in the dawn.

Today the sun flooded down on me and the road was supple beneath me, and I smiled like a man who can’t keep a secret.  And tonight I drove home, 4AM with VNV Nation blaring, still utterly awake; and grinning with a fierce joy from deep within.  Let this stand as a record: it is not always easy or fun, but it is an incredible experience being me, and I would not trade it for anything in the world.

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