Just call me “Cat”. As in Red Dwarf.


I swear I am boycotting the upcoming LARP out of sheer wardrobe mortification.


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  1. You could always join the LARP that I’m in. It’s Legend of the Five Rings and only meets once a month.

    1. Great, just what I need, ANOTHER costume to freak out about 😛

      1. Yeah, but I could hook you up!

  2. don’t you have any vintage stores in the area? you should be able to find something there.

    1. Vintage usually means 19th century 🙁

  3. The Internets are wonderful things, you know… 😛

    Seriously, you should be able to find decent medieval-style clothing online. Google’s your friend.

    1. If anything, there is too much out there on the internets. I actually wrote the above after doing some online shopping.

      Here’s the thing: In general I prefer to shop for clothing in person, so I can see if it fits and how it looks on me. This goes double for garb, because a) it’s typically quite expensive so I want to be sure I really like it, b) because it’s harder to know how a doublet on a web page will look on me in real life than, say, a turtleneck from Lands End; and c) most garb makers keep a limited stock on hand, a fact that is generally not reflected in their online storefronts. I dread making an order, and then waiting some indeterminate length of time for them to make it and then ship it out, only to find that it’s not suitable for some reason.

  4. Sheesh, stop being so prissy! Your costume is fine.


      1. Two Things:

        1) So what are you looking for in particular for your costume?

        2) Can I ride down with you guys again?

  5. ps, because you mentioned it.

    nice capslock. 😉

  6. I do custom costuming if you have an idea in mind.

  7. How good are you with a sewing machine? Joannes is open all year round.

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