11. Mock them for their pathetic dependence on human company.


, the top ten ways to tell people that you’re not only an introvert, you’re also an arrogant prick about it.

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  1. I’m and introvert!!

    …and found what you said offensive about the list. Are you saying I‘m an arrogant prick about being an introvert.

    What’s your point, babe?

    1. Introvert yes, arrogant prick no.

      I’ve never seen you take it upon yourself to “correct” people about introversion.

      Nor have I witnessed you make smug, ridiculous statements like “introverts only speak when they have something important to say”.

  2. Dude…

    Aren’t all INTJ’s arrogant pricks?

    Wait a minute… aren’t you an INTJ too? I know I’m an INTJ.. so I must be a prick…

    Of course, I just skipped that post entirely, because I don’t really give a flying fuck if people don’t like me because I’m an introvert… and have never had a problem with it..

    I guess some INTJ’s get all sensitive about their introversion.. but that just seems totally weird to me.. Who CARES?

    1. Re: Dude…

      Yep… INTJ, introvert, and somehow I’ve never felt the need get all “I’M AN INTROVERT AND THATS OK AND YOU MUST RESPECT MAH ATHUARITAH” about it.

  3. If there is one thing I’ve unfortunately noticed, there are many people who, upon discovery and cursory research of Myers-Briggs and related personality typologies, use it to justify their own inner-borne sense of arrogance. Puke me a pancreas.

  4. Just to be slightly contrary here, most of the responses (with the exception of the one you referenced below, which *does* come across as slightly snotty) seemed to be directed at comments which were a little more than mildly insulting.

    I’m sure there are wittier ways of responding when someone calls you mentally ill, neurotic or antisocial in this kind of situation, but “correcting” them doesn’t seem like an entirely inappropriate response to me, depending on the tone of voice used.

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