“I don’t know what you heard about me–“

OK, so this weekend was the least flaky flake-out of all time.

Friday night I got my mack-daddy on at the LARP.  Tight-ass pants of hotness? Check. Flask of chutzpah? Check.  Magic purple hat of pimpin’?  Check and mate.

I was still bored by the end of the evening, but at least I left no doubt in anyone’s mind as to who is the chief pimp-daddy of Westeros.

Saturday, took the fambly to the Fells Point for Privateer Day.  Which as fun, but not super-fun due to the tweener gap.  The tweener gap, which I just made up, is that lack of viable entertainment for children who are too old for cut-and-paste style activities, and too young to really enjoy just shopping and wandering around.  Still, it was fun dressing up as pirates.

Note to self: dress as a pirate more often, you make a hot buccaneer and it draws interesting random conversation from strangers in bookstores.
Also picked up albums from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Matisyahu.  The latter is freaking awesome.  I am going to turn into one of those annoying people who plays loud reggae music with all the windows open.

Today I went to one of the local coffee shops to grab a latte and found out a bluegrass band was playing.  So I listened to bluegrass while tagging my photo collection.

Now I’m sitting on the porch with my laptop, watching the clouds go by.

What are you doing reading this?  This is a Spring gorgeousness alert.  Leave your homes and frolic immediately.  Gamboling is also recommended.

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  1. Drat! We must’ve missed you at Privateer day. What time were you there?

  2. Hey you forgot the gold chain….


    And Matisyahu rocks. I’ve got a number of his albums. Including a limited release. So feel free to swing by sometime. We’ll dig out the CDs and burn ’em.

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