Wait… what?

Loyalty DayLoyalty Day?!

EDIT: Seems this is nothing new.  Apparently it dates back to 1921.

Still pretty stupid, though.

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  1. Only the loyal will partake of the milk and honey in Freedom Land, comrade.

  2. We really do have the worst excuse for an emperor in office.

  3. I’m speechless… wait a minute.. no I’m not..

    but… but.. but…

    Somehow I feel like by 2008, I will be able to pick up “waiting for Godot” and I wouldn’t be able to differentiate between it and the real world…

    Also.. does this mean that every other day we can be disloyal???

    and.. isn’t Dissent the greatest form of patriotism–according to people like Thom. Jefferson it is–so wouldn’t celebrating loyalty to the state imply criticizing it?

    I’m confused…

  4. Well, the notion that we’re a people united by our ideals, I can get behind, but Loyalty Day?! Sieg Heil!

  5. Loyalty day is now over. Happy sedition day!

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