Inspired by a true story

I’ve had a great idea for a movie script. I call it Alligators in Snakes on a Plane. Picture this:

These two horny teenagers are making out in the airplane bathroom, and suddenly a huge fucking python drops down from the ceiling, hissing in a highly unrealistic manner! They scream, and cling to each other, the girl’s nipples hardening in fear, when suddenly the snake dies! They sigh with relief, and look passionately into each others’ eyes. Suddenly, AN ALLIGATOR BURSTS OUT OF THE SNAKE’S STOMACH AND EATS THEM. Is that not the most awesome thing you have ever heard?

The movie climaxes with a giant snake swallowing the plane. Samuel L. Jackson has to fight the queen alligator in the snake’s small intestine and then fly the plane out of the snake before the queen’s self-destruct mechanism destroys them all.

I’d better find an agent before producers start banging down my door.

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  1. lol Do I detect just a hint of sarcasm here?


  2. You win at life, my friend. You win at life. 🙂

    (P.S. Greetings from Microsoft’s Visitor Center! :-D)

  3. You know you’d better friends lock this before someone scoops you on it. 😛

  4. You are a sick, sick man!

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