An end is the beginning of something, always.

I’m packing up the last of my stuff at Raytheon.  Gonna go home early today; there’s not much point me hanging around all day.

It’s been a good run.  Almost nine years.  I started as an 18 year old contractor with a few programming classes under my belt.  Now I’m a “senior engineer”.  I’ve worked with some very sharp, very nice people.  I’ve learned a tremendous amount.

This represents a new chapter in my career.  Until now I the jobs I had were jobs that more or less came my way.  This is the first time I have taken conscious and directed action to move my career in a specific direction.  It took a lot of preparation and energy and courage to take that step.  But I took it, and now it will be easier to take more steps like it.  Piece by piece, I am aligning my life with my overall goals and values, rather than allowing it to be dictated by circumstances.

On a more mundane note, our DSL is still kaput at home.  So I won’t be online much until I get set up at the new job.  Call if you need to get in touch.

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  1. The path not taken

    Curious without a right to be, I can’t help asking: why did you leave Raytheon and where are you headed?

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