It’s amazing how little time I have for the intertubes now that I have a job I like.

Oak Island was great. Even Stacey, normally no fan of the beach, had a good time.  I have very few photos; was too busy enjoying myself.  I have never felt the Atlantic so warm.  It was like a lukewarm bath.  And it didn’t have waves; it had ripples.

Work is still making me happy.  It’s a little stressful right now due to small company growing pains, but I still really like the people I work with.

Went to meditation tonight for the first time in a month or so.  Very good.  I’m more reticent than my new-agey pals to talk about “the energy”… but the energy was really great.  Powerful session. An auspicious return.

Oh and it turns out that my uncle the literary agent, who now reads this journal (Hi Robert!) represents John Scalzi.  How cool is that?!

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  1. Uncle-unit weighs in

    My first-ever blog comment–strange, since I have so much to say… Wait; how do I actually assume my own identity here? I’m anonymous! Help! Free me from my anonymity! Can’t . . . hold . . . on . . . much . . . longer!

    1. Re: Uncle-unit weighs in

      It’s very cool, since among other things, Robert is an excellent agent. Even if he can’t figure out non-anonymous commenting.

  2. Every time anyone in my family reads my LJ, I end up getting in trouble.

    Thank god I’m a grownup.

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