When did British Television get its act together?

For some reason we’ve been watching episodes of the new (ish) Dr. Who and Torchwood tonight and… wow. The BBC has come a long way. This is quality television.

British TV women are still as drab as they were in the 60s, but the stories are actually quite engaging, and they seem to have finally figured out how to operate cameras in something other than SoapOperaVision. I begin to see what people see in these shows…

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  1. I managed to catch a number of episodes of Dr. Who back in March when I was on vacation (it was one of those “stay in, enjoy the hotel and nurse an upset stomach all day” type of thursdays)… I agree it was surprisingly decent.

  2. I’ve gotten very into the new Dr. Who since dach recommended it to me. I was skeptical for the first episode – living plastic mannequins? “Kind of cheesy,” I thought, but it grew on me surprisingly quick. I’ve seen all of seasons 1 and 2, and I’m halfway through 3. Enjoying every minute of it, as you can tell if you look at my journal – I switched my LJ moods to a Dr. Who theme, I’ve gotten *that* into it.

  3. You will be assimilated… resistance is futile.

    …wait. Wrong show.

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