I’ll keep it quick…

I don’t really want to get political (again) on this journal, because I’ve been trying to keep it positive around here. But if you’ll forgive me a few minutes of angst…

Good. God. I really didn’t think the American political machine could scrape two sorrier specimens off the bottom of the barrel than they did four years ago, but by golly they managed to pull it off. The front-runners of the two major parties: a woman who even most of my Democrat friends recognize as a transparent political power monger, with only one consistent overriding principle, the acquisition of more power; and a slick used car salesman who hates the Bill of Rights, loves war even more than George W. bush, and is so cynically manipulative that he  used his campaign finance reform efforts to raise money for his own campaign.

I’ve heard it said: “well, it couldn’t get any worse”.  Maybe I have a more vivid imagination than most.  it can get a lot worse.

On the up side, progress marches on, and with a little luck I’ll outlive all of these sorry old hucksters by a good half-millenia or so.


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  1. Well..

    I’m hoping that Obama pulls it out over the evil one..

    .. and McCain–best analogy I’ve heard is that he’s like one of those paintings that looks real from a distance.. but if you look real close, he’s just a hodge-podge of little dots that have no meaning in themselves..

    .. and he wants to stay in Iraq for a century..


    Still. I’m hopeful. Obama can still do it.. (I’m not voting for Hilary no matter what tho now.. my one caveat to this position would have been if Guliani had been the Rep Candidate.. because he was just plainly bat-shit crazy kind of dangerous… )

  2. The Democratic race is competitive. Highly competitive because no states are winner-take-all. Hillary is on the decline and Obama might very well pull this one out (surprising everyone, including his supporters). Sooooooooo maybe not so terrible?

    I’m just so happy my vote counts this year!

  3. Politics is like network television. Every year I say “this is the worst that could be” and every succeeding year the networks prove me wrong.

    And you may outlive them by a half-century, but I doubt a half-millenia. Good luck!

  4. We should run Harrison Ford & James Earl Jones….just to break the two-party suck system.

  5. How do you feel about Obama?

    1. Dangerously charismatic. I say “dangerously” because there’s a little voice in the back of my head that’s been secretly rooting for him, quite without my permission, simply because compared to the other two he seems like such a nice man. That, despite the fact that I don’t actually know a lot about him, and I would probably disagree with him on most policy points. That kind of charisma is a little scary. “Nation united behind charismatic leader” usually doesn’t end well.

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