Facebook, et al.

Facebook usage seems to be seeing an upswing among my various circles lately. As it turns out I do have a Facebook account which I apparently forgot about promptly after opening it. For those of you who do the Facebook thing, look me up under avdi AT avdi DOT org. Here’s a link to the profile, but I don’t know if it works if you haven’t already added me: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1210547532

Also, I’m still twittering pretty faithfully, at least when their service isn’t down: http://twitter.com/avdi

And finally, I have a FriendFeed account. For the full Avdi firehose experience, check it out: http://friendfeed.com/avdi

I really like FriendFeed. If Twitter weren’t so popular I’d just switch entirely. You can find traces of pretty much everything I do on FriendFeed, including all my Twitter posts.

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  1. I’m falling down on the new social networking stuff.
    I slashdot, and livejournal a little.
    Even that is too time-consuming.
    Just gonna have to get used to being over-the-hill, I suppose. 😉

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