Super Powers

The family and I have been watching Heroes lately, courtesy our much-loved Roku Netflix box.  Inspiring the following:

Let’s say you wake up one day to discover you have a superhuman power – telekinesis, teleportation, that sort of thing.  What would you do, once you got over the initial shock/novelty phase?

Who would you tell?  Your lover?  Your immediate family?  Your close friends?  Your MySpace readers?  Would you call the papers?  Contact a scientist?  Call the government to come study you?

Would you interpret the gift as conferring responsibility, and change your life?  Or would you go on with your life as before?  Would you use your power to advance yourself in life?  Would you become a hero?  A villain?  If a hero, would you fight discrete crimes, or would you go after systemic government or societal injustices?  Would you seek a public position as a role model, or avoid publicity?  Would you use your powers especially to help your friends and family?

Would you seek others like you?

Would you fear the government or other organizations wanting to capture you for study or exploitation?  If so, what steps would you take to safeguard yourself?  Would you distance yourself from those you loved in order to protect them?

Would it shake your worldview or philosophy to discover this power?  Do you think being superhuman would make you happier, less happy, or have no effect on your attitude?

Would you accept product endorsement deals?

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  1. I’d be able to go to dr’s appointments without hurting myself from the drive.

    Maybe more detailed answer later.

    Also, whoever heard of a disabled superhero?

    1. Whoever heard of a disabled superhero?

      I never was a comics reader, but even *I* know about professor Xavier.

  2. I loved watching Heroes…. I just hope the next season doesn’t suck.

    The best power is to be able to gain new powers just by being close to others with different powers.

  3. I think I’d cease paying taxes, and be a vigilante hero. It would greatly depend on “what” powers I got.

  4. I’d probably be rather neurotic about it. You know, like Gary from Early Edition (the whole getting the next day’s newspaper the day before counts as a superpower, right?) 😉

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