The elusive misc. life post

Life is great. I am well.

We are now entering into the scheduling “no-fly zone” surrounding Stacey’s projected delivery date (the last week of August). This mainly means that I’m staying closer to home and not making any major weekend plans. This isn’t to say I’m totally unavailable for hanging out, it just depends heavily on the timing and how Stacey feels.

We’re making our final preparations for the birth, studying up, practicing, making sure we have all the needed supplies. I don’t recall if I said so earlier, but we’re going to be having a home birth. I’m really digging the whole “birth coach” thing. I can’t fathom why so many guys are so squeamish about birthing. I’d much rather know all I know now than be pacing around worrying about what’s going on and nagging the nurses about whether everything’s OK.

Speaking of which: I’ll save the real propaganda until *after* the birth, but I highly recommend the documentary The Business of Being Born to anyone thinking of having a baby. When we watched it a few weeks ago there was little we didn’t already know, but for someone new to the birthing process, particularly as it is commonly practiced in the US, it might be eye-opening.

Anyway, the no-fly zone is a nice excuse to take the weekends easy. Friday we had robin_greenwood over for shabbat+lughnasadh dinner (I hope you’re feeling better!), followed by MST3K (“Overdrawn at the Memory Bank”).Yesterday I slept in, took the Princess to Borders, and then spent the evening watching Quantum Leap and Steamboy with the family. Today I’m going to be taking the Lad kayaking on lake Redman. It’ll be the first time for both of us, and I just have to say: I heart YouTube. I’ve been having a hard time lining up a kayaking class or instructor, and I didn’t want to keep putting the boy off; so I figured hey, I know my way around a canoe; if I can just find some basic instructional material I should be able to wing it. Did a little searching on YouTube and immediately found what I was looking for.

After the lake I’ll just be doing some more birth prep with Stacey and my usual Sunday filing and bill-paying.

I’ll end this with a photo of the giant, creepy-looking hail that fell on on us yesterday as we were driving to Borders in York:

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  1. “& hearts ;” no spaces (duh)

  2. There was a report of two inch diameter hail two miles SSE of Dallastown.

    It looks like the hail you got rung up with is even bigger than that!

  3. Awww… we missed out on the weird hail.

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