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Friday: wrapped up work early, got my badminton game on with the Princess for an hour or so, had another low-ceremony Shabbas dinner. I figure a few weeks of minimal liturgy are OK while we’re waiting for the baby/caring for a newborn; just so long as we don’t make it a habit.

Saturday: took the Lad to first soccer practice of the season. Sat on sidelines under blue skies and puffy white clouds, catching up on email. Yay for cell phones that double as wireless modems. I’m not generally a summer person, but it was one of those days where you just can’t help but start grinning and whistling because it’s just so gosh-darn pleasant. In the afternoon, took the family to York for shopping. Found that Borders had stocked all the graphic novels I failed to find last time I went. Am catching up on the comics I missed as a child. Much like Anime/Maga, am finding that 95% is just as crappy as I always suspected, but there are exceptions. Bought Watchmen.

Saturday night: introduced kids to Real Genius, one of the finest, if not the finest, geek movies ever made. One of the only geek movies I can watch without cringing at the technical buffoonery. Sure, they call dry ice “liquid nitrogen”, but when that’s the biggest gaffe it’s a minor Hollywood miracle. I particularly like the PROM-burning scene aboard the B-1; it brings back memories. Also, Jordan:

Unarguably one of the greatest cinema nerd crushes of all time, and one of the very, very few movie love interests permitted by a studio to be attractive on braininess alone.

Sunday morning: finished Watchmen. Very satisfying. Was impressed with how well it avoided going with superhero tropes all the way to the very end.

Changed oil in both cars. Everything about working with the Subaru is easier than working with the Mazda. It feels like the difference between K-Mart and Sears. The Mazda is all flimsy plastic tabs, awkward reaches, and nonstandard parts. Am thinking of making the next car salesman who tries to sell me a car change the oil in front of me before I make any decisions.

Also, against my better nature, am beginning to believe the stereotypes about women and auto maintenance. Please, female readers, feel free to nip this development in the bud with evidence to the contrary.

No baby yet. Am contemplating possibility he saw his shadow.

Technically he is not late yet, but we are both more than ready.

Off to Wal-Mart to pick up tie-dye supplies and quesadilla fixin’s.

Hoping tendency to narrate life in style of Rorshache’s journal will wear off in few days.

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  1. if you want recs for non crappy anime/manga let me know. i’ve been into that for a few years now, and know the good stuff or can find out for you. what do you like?

  2. See icon. 😉 “This, for example, was under H for ‘toy.'”

    I love that movie. Though the “liquid nitrogen” thing always annoyed me, too… Nevertheless, I can pretty much quote the entire thing verbatim. Heheh.

    Also, I am quite capable of changing my oil, changing a tire, checking and refilling fluids, and doing lots of random small maintenance to my car, thankyouverymuch. 😉

    Good luck and preemptive congratulations!

  3. Real Genius

    Look, it was hot and I was hungry, okay?

  4. My dad insisted I do all my own auto maintenance as a teenager. Oil changes, replaces alternators, batteries, radiators, spare tires, etc. Net result? I will only drive a car that’s under warranty and has roadside assistance so I never so much as have to THINK about popping the hood.

  5. Well, I know HOW to change my oil, but the damn filter is really hard to reach and even if I can reach it I can never quite get the torque to get it off.

    So, well, if someone gets my damn filter off, I can change my oil. I can also refill the other fluid wells. That’s really advanced stuff right there.

    I know how to hotwire an old car. . .does that count? (New ones have all kinds of dumb security features that make it harder)

  6. Oh Jordan was so cool and yes a big crush. Not even Jet Girl (from Tank Girl) could compete.

    As for female competency with machinery – my sister can take apart, clean, and re-assemble printing presses. And get it right.

    She doesn’t do much on cars, but this is by choice. She spends her time and effort on other things.

  7. Real Genius? Yes.

    Jordan? Abso-frickin-lutely.

    “Kent put his name on his license plate.”
    “My mom does the same with my underwear.”
    “Your mother puts license plate sin your underwear? How do you sit?”

    Plus, so many people want to remember Jon Gries as Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite, but he will always be Lazlo Hollyfeld to me.

    1. “Thirty points higher than me, thinks a big guy like that can wear his clothes?” 😉

  8. I change oil on cars….but never my Mazda, lol. It is a pain, the only bad thing about them IMO. But you have to do maintanence so infrequently (aside from routine) that it makes it worth it, to a point.

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