Treading Water

I guess when you write publicly about being in a bad state there is a certain duty to post the occasional update.  I’m doing OK.  Not great.  I was better Tuesday.  I took the day off and my mom came back up to help out; she’s been an enourmous help throughout this process.  Sleeping well and eating well also did their part to perk me back up.

Now some personal stuff has sent me reeling again.  I feel like it’s just rapid-fire changes and stresses these past few weeks, and I can’t keep up.  I’m back to fighting through the listlessless and lethargy by sheer force of will.

All in all I guess I’m hanging in there, barely.  I don’t know if I still want help… I’ve never been great at asking for help, and right now I’m not even sure what kind of help I need.  With Stacey feeling much better, at least physically, I’m not quite as overloaded with wife-and-baby care.  There are things I probably need to talk out with a sympathetic listener; but right now I feel a lot more comfortable just withdrawing inward.

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  1. Hey…

    i don’t know if you might want to chat.. or if you are thinking of someone in person or someone who might know you better.. but i’m pretty free tonight..

    I would need to know what program you might want to use.. I have ICQ from long ago (although I might have to download and install and try to figure it out.. or I don’t know if LJ has a chat mode..

    in any case.. let me know.. I’ve watched you guys from afar and I’m willing to be a listener.. (just tell me whether you want feedback or not.. I have tendencies to “solve” stuff.. but i can turn that off and just be a listener if you want..)


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