Indeed do many things come to pass

Nice weekend.  Nicer thanks to the generosity of friends.  Shabbas dinner was largely provided by a friend from the CSA, including our first home-baked challah in months.  Saturday I worked on Grumbles from the Grave at the Lad’s soccer practice.  In the evening a friend from work and his wife came up and joined us for a long round of badminton, and then cooked a delicious meal for us using our sadly neglected CSA produce.  Apples to Apples was mentioned, but by the time dinner and a bottle of mead (made by another friend of ours) was finished, they were tuckered out and had to go home.  Instead we put in The Princess Bride.  I only made it through about half the film before I dozed off.

Today my mom came up again, which enabled me to take the Lad to his soccer game and a pool party afterwards without worrying about leaving Stacey alone to deal with the baby.  It was a good game, and thankfully this time I managed to park myself away from the more… exuberant parents.  I suspect the pool party was more fun for Joshua than it was for me – I find that the areas of overlap between my interests and those of the average suburban soccer parents are strictly bounded.  But I can think of far worse ways to spend a balmy late summer afternoon.

Tonight, had pizza and watched Quantum Leap with the family.

I’m wishing I didn’t have to drive in to work tomorrow.  Working from home immediately after Kashti’s birth kind of spoiled me. Some day I wish to have a job that lets me work primarily from home.

I’m holding up pretty well.  With Stacey feeling better, and the kind help of friends, I’m not feeling quite as beset as I was.  I still wish I had  time to get caught up on my mail and bills and other organizational matters – these things can only be ignored so long, and the backlog has become daunting at this point.  But my state of mind is much improved.

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  1. and the backlog has become caunting

    I’m sure it’s become daunting too.

  2. So are the soccer parents those types of parents that seem like they want their kids to become world class athletes or something like that?

    Glad things are going better over your way; we’ve needed some good news around here recently. Let me know if you need anything… and/or if you want to play a round of badminton…

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