My wife makes great fudge.

And challah.

And hats.  And pie.  And zuchini bread.  And mead.  And smoothies.  And omellettes. And burritos.  And salads.  And salmon.  And champagne chicken.  And soap. And pickles.  And pancakes.  And tomato patches.  And Indian food.  And thai soup.  And chili.  And scarves.  And rugs.  And friends.  And crepes.  And ice cream. And herbal tea.  And casseroles.  And love.  And babies.  And stew.  And blankets.  And parties.  And martinis.  And yogurt.  And hummus.  And baba ganoujh.  And poetry.  And scones.  And oatmeal cakes.  And…

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  1. you know, just ftr, that poem i wrote the same day as you wrote this entry wasn’t about you. 😉

  2. You’re making me hungry…

    Maybe she should open up a restarant. Good babies huh? 🙂

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