…on both your houses!

Thought I’d tune into the presidential debates tonight, seeing as I’ve been getting almost all of my political news second or third-hand lately. Managed to make it through about five minutes before giving up in disgust.

Mr. Mcain: Shut up about Joe the fucking plumber, I want to hear about your policies.  Are we really going with strategy-by-AM-talk-radio-host?  Really? Do you want to maybe take a minute and reconsider that?

Mr. Obama: "John McCain wants to give tax breaks to Exxon" is technically true the way bible college students are technically virgins.  I can play rhetorical parlor tricks too! Watch this:

My oponent says he wants to help Americans find jobs.  Some Americans are rapists.  My oponent wants to help rapists find jobs!

Is that really the level of discourse you want this political process to be on?  Really?

I give them both a grade of FAIL–

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I was just referencing your analogy this morning because it think it expresses very clearly the kind of manipulation that is going on.

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