Well that didn’t go as planned

Short version: I took the day off yesterday in order to take the family to the mountains during the fall foliage season.  We set out for King’s Gap park, and got within a few miles of the park when the engine overheated.  To make a very long story short, we spent the entire rest of the day trying to get the car fixed and/or towed and the family home safe.  It was 9:30PM before we were all home, and we never did get to the mountains.

A huge thanks to gameboy9 for coming out on a moments notice and driving 45 minutes both ways in order to pick up Stacey and the kids, and thanks to both him and spirilis for entertaining the family with Rock Band until I could come pick them up.  I think that was very likely the only real fun any of us had yesterday.

Thank goodness for a "Plus" level AAA membership too – I suspect the tow from the middle of nowhere back to Shrewsbury paid for this year’s membership fee and then some.

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