Fill in the Blank #1: VILFs

(There is no right or wrong answer, this is not a trick question, and no, I won’t clarify the criterion I used to generate the list.  Just fill in the blank with whatever makes the most sense to you.)

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    1. On a seperate note

      What did you think of Tilda’s performance in Burn After Reading? She has really made a career of playing the “ice bitch.” Micheal Clayton is another example. I like how she broke apart at the end of that one.

      I’d still hit it…

      1. Re: On a seperate note

        I’ve seen neither, but maybe I’ll add them to the queue…

  1. Lex Luthor, from anything but the movies.

    Or was I supposed to be picking a villainess for you?

    I always thought Ursula, from the Little Mermaid, would be a good lay.

    1. Like I said, no right or wrong answers.

      Ursula, eh? Didn’t know tentacles did it for you. She’s probably a better lay than Ariel, though.

  2. I’ll go male villain, because my favorite of either happens to be male:

    Craig Bierko as Timothy in The Long Kiss Goodnight.

    1. Hm, interesting and unexpected. May I ask why?

      1. Delightful masochism.

  3. Me! As spider Jerusalem!

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