Microsoft needs to hire a new ad agency
Ever heard the one about the fortune cookie which read “help, I’m trapped in a Chinese fortune cookie factory”? Besides being brain-searingly awful (you’ve been warned), I have to think there’s a similar subtext to this ad for Microsoft “Songsmith”. Note that a) the girl is using what is obviously a Mac from the rear; and b) the theme of the ad is “coming up with a jingle for a product that nobody in their right minds could want”. I think somebody at MS’ ad agency has reached the “fuck it” stage of despair…

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  1. Let’s not mention that I know almost nothing about music and every tune in that ad is really lame.

    As far as I can tell, amusing children and making annoying advertising jingles is all this software is good for. Writing actually good music? Not seein it.

  2. Now we finally know what Joss Whedon has been doing the past few months…

  3. But… where can I buy Glow in the Dark towels?

  4. We are now even!!!!!!

    As stated we are now even for making you watch Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter oh so long ago. As you said then, “I need to go scrub my brain now!!!”

    ^V^ Wes ^V^

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