Life Update

  • First of all, I’ve got a new job.  This past Friday I said goodbye to MDLogix. In about two weeks I’ll be starting work at Devver, a small startup based in Boulder, Colorado.  This is a positive development in many ways.  I’ll be working on hard, interesting problems.  I’m truly excited about the product Devver is working on.  And I’ll be working entirely from home, something I’ve been working towards for years.  For these and other reasons I’m very happy to be making this move.
  • In two days’ time we depart for the sunny North Carolina shore to visit shadowandlight . A long-delayed visit that we’ve all been looking forward to.
  • I don’t really read (or write, obviously) LJ very much any more.  I don’t find I have the time.  Anyone who wants to keep up with me is best advised to find me on Twitter.  I find 140 characters is about as much as I usually have time to write, and when I have more time I’m writing on Virtuous Code or The Lazy Faire.
  • Badminton season is nearly upon us, and I have been making the necessary preparations:
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  1. Wow congrats on the new job!

  2. Hooray for new job! That sounds so awesome and I’m glad you finally get a chance to prioritize your own time so you can spend more with your family and living intentionally.

    For a minute there I was afraid you were moving to Colorado… I was like, noooooo!

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