What is the personality type of the person who can’t take personality quizzes because he wants to answer “it depends” to everything?

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  1. LOL most Libras!

    1. Haha! I said the same thing on Facebook.

  2. haha

    .. I don’t necessarily say “It depends”–I say “hmm.. what a poorly worded question, what are they really trying to get at by it.. If I changed it like so….”

    Which clearly makes me an INTJ.. 😉

    1. Re: haha

      Or an ENTJ. 😉 I do the same thing.

      Avdi: “Contrarian.”


  3. I’d call that a realist.

  4. Home schooled.

    Seriously. Standardized “Scantron” tests have made most of us us comfortable with that sort of thing.

  5. I find a lot of quizes to be like that. One personality profiling thing I found to be more realistic than most for me, I cant remember the name but it had four types, concrete random, concrete sequential, abstract random and abstract sequential. I’ve only come across it a few times but it was interesting. I read a book recently about it and found some of the examples to be amusingly like me.

  6. inherited personality type?

    you mean, like your dad?

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