You know what? Computers SUCKED when I was growing up. I’m not nostalgic.

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  1. I can agree with that.

    There was still something cozy about writing BASIC for my old TRASH-80 Color Computer, though… but coziness pales in comparison to utility 😉

  2. Re: Syntax error

    You can totally set the settings on your terminal to look exactly like an old school black and green screen, font and all. Then just fullscreen it, run everything from the command line, and you are back in business.

    I did this for a LARP. In hebrew. It was a trippy.

    1. Re: Syntax error

      Yes, but can you coax an eye-searing, ear-shredding 60hz refresh rate out of it?

      1. Re: Syntax error

        Ooooh. I bet you could emulate the crappy refresh rate somehow, but the sound. . .that would be tough. A sound file wouldn’t cut it. It has to be the real thing that crawls into your brain.

  3. I had a DEC PDP-8/e in high school and a Heathkit H-89 at home. At the time, I thought they rocked! The PDP-8/e ran BASIC on four different terminals (three Teletypes and one Decwriter); the H-89 had a Z-80 processor and ran HDOS, CP/M, and UCSD p-System. I used it for BASIC, assembly language, and C.

    COmpared to what’s available today, they were puny machines. But I had fun with them.

  4. Tape drives FTW!

    Are you doing blah-de-blah?
    It’s loading.
    Oh …

    Nah, they sucked. 😉

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