Someone needs to tell the Brits that “1984” was a warning, not a blueprint:

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  1. Damn, Britain has Balls.


    And on a more serious note, wtf? I can’t say I have any idea what the codified civil liberties are in GB, but this has got to be breaking some of them.

    1. Not really, no. The UK has no equivalent to the Bill of Rights, at least when it comes to privacy. I’ve had people tell me that this is OK, because while it may not be codified into law, the British government just respects people’s rights out of the goodness of their hearts. After seeing stories like this regularly, on a steadily increasing scale of intrusion, I’d have to say no: they don’t care about rights, they just know how to properly boil a frog.

      Britain has a serious juvenile delinquency problem – the kind that tends to develop in a staid, coddling society – and their attempts to do something about it over the years have had all the subtlety and insight of a 1950s public service short. I suspect this is just another salvo in that campaign.

  2. wow.

    Just fucking wow.

    1. Re: wow.

      Sometimes I think the American emigration permanently sapped Britain’s mojo. I see these stories regularly, and I always expect to hear about protests, angry challenges in court, etc. But no, it’s always some shadow secretary saying “well, we need to be careful with things like that, there are concerns, privacy and that sort of thing, tea anyone?”

      It just makes me wonder… does anyone in the UK get upset about *anything* any more? Or are they really as lackadaisical as BBC television portrays them?

      1. ya know…

        .. it’s prolly not so much the “American emigration”–although that may have contributed–but the basic policy of shipping the most highly industrious, rule-bending/ignoring, capitalistic-oriented segment of your population–namely the criminals–to other countries FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS that has done this too them.

        America was the dumping ground for like 100 years–Canada got some–but not too much–and then Australia got a ton.

        Now.. which former British Colonies show the most “can-do” spunk out of all of the–well, I’d argue for the US and Australia.. and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they were populated by the misfits and freaks of their day…

        Additionally.. if you have a history with a strong Aristocratic bent to it.. it’s not going to be as easy either.. England–unlike France or even Germany–didn’t really ever abolish their Aristocracy–and thus you see a much weirder dynamic going on there..

        hilariously enough–I watched V for Vendetta yesterday and thought. “Wow–what an imposition of American perspectives onto a British Story…”

  3. yea, that is kinda lame and such.

    but… heheheheh, mr. balls 🙂

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