Disgusting paternalism: http://ping.fm/kWI2k Don’t they have actual at-risk teens to worry about?

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  1. agreed.

    If people want to do things that put them at risk for dying in this way.. that’s fine with me.

    1. Re: agreed.

      What? Common ground??

      I absolutely adore the girl’s quote at the end of the article:

      “I simply want to learn about the world, and live freely”. Sums up my philosophy to a T.

      1. hahahahaha…


        My old-school liberalness only extencs towards providing basic forms of security and equality that allow people to strive and reach their potential.

        Thus.. I support health care, education, infrastructure spending, and a few other things.

        However.. I part ways quite quickly with moralizing liberality. I do not believe we should tell people what to think, that thoughts that I disagree with are illegal, and a number of other things..

        Of course.. there are always questionable cases–if we agree to health care–are helmet laws a reasonable outgrowth? smoking laws? etc.. and I know these are problematic areas–mainly because two different virtues–freedom and equality–come into conflict.. but I try not to be doctrinaire in these points..

        In any case–back to the subject–yes.. the idea that the state knows better what this girl can do than her parents or herself–especially when it is obviously her own free will and the fall out from any problem will only impact herself–that is fucking ridiculous… I mean.. it’s not like she is attempting to pilot a nuclear submarine on her own.. this is something that only impacts on her.. and her family at most.

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