Chicks with Chicks


I’m at the gas station. There’s a girl-mobile at the next pump, a
purple Eclipse with two high-school looking girls in it. As I’m
filling my tank on of the girls approaches me with a perky smile on
her face.

“If you have some time could you read this?”

I look at her hand. She’s holding out a tiny comic book to me. I grin
as recognition dawns.

“Sweet!” I enthuse, taking the pamphlet. “I collect Jack Chick tracts!”


As it turns out this tract is on of the stranger ones I’ve received.
It’s not the usual “repent and be saved” story. This tract deals with
the complex relationship between violent weather patterns and
international politics. Specifically, how US policy on Gaza leads to
tornadoes in Kansas.

It leaves me wondering: did this girl take one look at me and decide I
had a thing or to to learn about metaphysical politio-climatology? Or
did she just pick it at random from the stack her youth leader handed

I may never know.

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