The Wealthy Freelancer Worksheet

From The Wealthy Freelancer Ch. 1 pp. 6-9:

The type of projects I want

I want to be working on interesting, hard programming problems in
cutting-edge languages like Ruby and Clojure. I’d rather stay away
from the typical Rails storefronts and work more on one-of-a-kind
backend systems. Middleware; interfaces between mobile devices and
backend servers; messaging; scaling; data crunching. Gateways to
legacy systems. Anything that isn’t putting an HTML face on a SQL

I’d also like to be consulting on dispersed team dynamics, perhaps
50/50 with the development work. Anything from hour-long consultations
to months-long advisorships.

The type of clients I want

The kind that pay on time :–)

I want to work with people who know they need something special and
want a quality job done.

I want clients I can be honest with.

The income I want to earn for my project work


The lifestyle I want for my freelance business

I want to have a week off every six weeks or so. I want to spend at
least an hour with my kids every day. I want to spend time working
out, reading, and practicing music every day. I want to continue
abstaining from all project work and office work on Shabbat. I want to
stop work when it’s work-stopping time, rather than working until it’s
“done” every night.

I want to work from whatever beach, mountaintop, or coffee shop I
happen to be at on a given day.

I want to live on a sustainable farmette in the middle of nowhere,
surrounded by children and animals, homeschool my kids, and play lots
of badminton – but still work on the most challenging programming
projects along with world-class dispersed teams.

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