The FDA and USDA don’t work for your interests

The fact that these facilities and their feed suppliers have been
fined, shows the clout the FDA (and state and local health
departments) and the USDA have but do not use, such as going to court
or to Congress to shut these facilities down. On the contrary, the
USDA constantly tells us that these contaminated products unfit for
consumption are “the safest foods in the world.” The USDA also insists
that our food should be “cheap.” This is one instance where we get
what we pay for, although the very low prices do not reflect the
taxpayer subsidies, the environmental clean-up costs, or the health
care costs from eating nutrient-deficient products from stressed-out,
abused, contaminated animals being paraded as food.

The FDA’s solution is pasteurization, which destroys nutrients. In
this case, the FDA will try to destroy the only eggs that contain
nutrients–eggs from small ecological farms, which are easy targets
for these fraudulent agencies. In Maryland, there has been a nasty and
aggressive campaign by the state and local health departments to raid
farmers’ markets and prevent the farmers from handing out free
samples, which obviously increase their sales and profits. I call
these campaigns “Keeping Maryland Residents Safe from Farm Fresh
Food.” Give these abusive agencies more power? They are all (including
the FDA) too allied with agribusiness and the chemical industry to
even mention shutting these operations down.

Remember folks, the only solution when centralized bureaucracy fails to protect your interests is MORE CENTRALIZED BUREAUCRACY and fewer alternative choices.

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