Poly Orthodox

I’m poly-friendly, but it irritates me when I hear people insisting
that polyamory is the natural human state and monogamy is unnatural.
Just as much as it annoys me when people assert the inverse. Neither
statement is backed up by biology or anthropology.

No, actually it bothers me more when the poly people say it. Because
they should know better. Yay diversity, right? Everybody’s different,

Stop shoring up your own insecurities about your life choices by
trying to lump everyone together with you. That goes for everything,
honestly, not just how people run their love-lives. I probably need to
be reminded of this myself sometimes.

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  1. promiscuity and jealousy are both natural and have evolutionary advantages. but they don’t mix well in social creatures that value honesty. so you gotta’ pick which one of those traits you want to or can repress.

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