WashPost: You might be better off dropping out.

“I think it’s absolutely despicable that students are asked to pay that much,” says Lindsay McCluskey, president of the United States Student Association. “In terms of public education, you can’t even call that public when students are taking out an average of $25,000 to complete college and then are paying off student loan debt until they’re 50 or 60 years old.”

A recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she majored in anthropology, McCluskey is paying down a $20,000 student loan. She thinks it will probably take her a decade to dig out of that hole — while the balance is accumulating interest — because she can’t afford to make more than the minimum monthly payments.

“For my generation,” McCluskey, 23, says, “that loan debt is taking the place of the house we could be buying or a number of other investments we could be making in our lives. The loan debt just sucks a lot of that out.”

It’s not always fun being right.

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