Booknotes: The Wealthy Freelancer p. 18: My ideal day

"Envision your ideal day" exercises are a bit suspect in my book. In this case it's subsequently clarified as "envision your ideal WORK day", which is a very different thing. Here we are confronted squarely with the conflict between what might be termed the "Ferris ideal" and the "Vaynerchuck ideal". The former takes as read that "work" is the last thing you want to be doing and the goal should be to rearrange things so you do as little of it as possible. The latter takes the view that so long as you hit on what you are truly passionate about, you will work 18 hours a day but love every minute of it. Both have merit. Both also miss the essential third perspective, which I'll call the "Rowe ideal" (for Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame). This last view of work acknowledges the uncomfortable fact that if it weren't for people dedicated to doing labor that they don't really enjoy, the industrial infrastructure wouldn't exist to enable a few lucky and motiviated individuals to embrace either the Ferris ideal or the Vaynerchuck ideal.

But let's work within the framework of the book, which is about freelancing. I don't really see freelancing as my end-state ideal, but successful, sustainable freelancing would be a step in the right direction. So with that in mind:

Wake up 6AM. Get right out of bed because I'm so goshdarned excited about the day ahead (this is already moving from "ideal" into "fantasy" territory).
Wake up 6:30AM. Realize the previous item was just a wacky dream I had after hitting snooze. Get up for real.

Sorry, cycnicism is a hard habit to kick. OK, ideal. hmmm, ideal…

6:00AM-6:30AM: sex o'clock
6:35 Coffee materializes in my hand (IDEAL, right?)
6:30-7AM. Daily review. Look over TODOs, pick a few to do today. Look at calendar.
7AM-8AM: Process email and physical inboxen. By some magic of organizational prowess I have reduced this process from 2+ hours to 1.
8AM-8:45AM Train
8:45-9AM Meditate, shower.
9AM-10AM Office hour. Calls, interviews, etc.
10AM-12PM Client work. Coding or working on dispersed team issues.
12PM-1PMPM Lunch. Hang out with family. Find out if the sun still shines.
1PM-5PM Client work
5PM-5:15PM Scotch/beer.
5:15PM-7PM website/promotional work
7PM-7:30PM dinner
7:30PM -9:00PM Chores, badminton, video games, board games
9PM-9:30PM put young ones to bed
9:30PM-11:30PM product or Open Source work
11:30PM-12AM reading
12AM-6AM in an ideal world, this somehow magically becomes enough sleep
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