Dreamlog: The girl and the house

Funny how you always have Jungian dreams after discussing or reading Jung.

I dreamed I was with a girl, not Stacey. I don’t remember if we were
married or just together. We were together in an enormous, mostly
empty house. A house so big it had multi-story wings. We were both
young, younger than I am now. And I was deeply, achingly in love with
her. I wanted to constantly touch her and hold her close.

There was a homecoming sense to the whole dream. As if I had known her
a long time ago, and I had found her again, and she loved me. And in
the meantime she had bought a house that we had looked at together
long ago, and now we could live in it.

I “woke” from this dream into another dream (I N C E P T I O N), and
in the next dream I actually wept from the wrenching sense of loss. So
much so that I cried out in my sleep and Stacey heard me and woke me
for real.

I discussed the dream with Stacey. We both agree that it points to
some part of myself that’s lost. But lost forever, or only lost
temporarily and waiting to be rediscovered?

Readers with a Jungian bent are welcome to offer their take on it.

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