So happy to have my little boy back

Even the safest and most trivial of procedures are scary when they
involve general anesthesia. I remember how miserable I was coming out
of general when I was six. Very happy to have my little boy back,
smiling and trying to shoot me with a nerf gun.

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  1. That’s 100% Angel!

  2. Yes but is it FORMTASTIC?!Jim, you have done me permanent brain damage with that joke. 😉

  3. Ha ha. I’m glad I can contribute something.

  4. What, what, and what?

  5. Sorry, Avdi. We’ve hijacked your post. I’m glad your son is doing well (which is what I meant with my first post).I gave a presentation at Ruby DCamp about formtastic that included the catch phrase “that’s formtastic!”

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