Booknotes: The Wealthy Freelancer pp. 58-62

Buzz pieces can drive leads. The piece must be related to what you do,
and it must be targeted at the people who will be hiring you – not
necessarily people like yourself. The title should be of clear appeal
to the target reader.

I feel like I need a few buzz pieces.

  • Wide Teams needs a buzz piece – 20 lessons learned form dispersed
    teams, or something along those lines.
  • For ShipRise, I need a dispersed team facilitation buzz piece – e.g.
    “secrets of managing a distributed team”
  • For ShipRise, I also need a more engineering-oriented buzz piece

P.S. Sometimes I wonder at the wisdom of making my business
development thought-process this transparent. I hope that someone,
somewhere is finding some benefit in it.

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