Next on the runway, a man wearing a cartoon barrel

Joshua Kissi: What’s not to love about the quilted jacket? Comfort, design, and durability are characteristics that come to mind. When the temperature drops, the quilted jacket isn’t just a piece of outerwear­­—it’s a necessary piece of outerwear.

The pairing of a polyester outer shell and nylon lining is the perfect armor to fight off chilly conditions and remain comfortable to maneuver your way through day-to-day settings.

This, believe it or not, is a serious quote from a fashion blog.

This is why we cannot trust the fashion profession: fashion writers are the kind of people that licked the lead paint off the nursery wall as toddlers and then wrote about its piquant effervescence.

There is nothing stylish about a quilted jacket. Never has been, never will be. A quilted jacket is basically the equivalent of wearing a sleeping bag that you cut arm and neck-holes in. You don’t wear a quilted coat to look good; you wear it because it’s fucking cold outside.

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