Why the office is the worst place to work

CNN: Why the office is the worst place to work

Companies spend billions on rent, offices, and office equipment so their employees will have a great place to work. However, when you ask people where they go when they really need to get something done, you’ll rarely hear them say it’s the office. If you ask, you’ll usually get one of three kinds of responses: A place, a moving object, or a time. They’ll say their house, their back porch, an extra bedroom they’ve converted into a home office, a library, the coffee shop down the street, the basement.

♦ Where do you get your best work done?

One of the several reasons I work from home.

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  1. I worked from home for almost two years and it slowly sucked all the energy and motivation out of me. I moved into an office about a year ago, surrounded myself with people, and I’m more productive than ever.

  2. in my head.

  3. I agree; all my happiest work is done at home.

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