Now I have another reason to visit Central Market

Shining shoes is — at least locally — a trade of yesteryear. And that’s exactly why Fleming is doing it.

“It’s an honest day’s work,” he said, standing beside a tray of polish and rags. “I’m doing what my father told me to do. He said, ‘When things get tough … get to work.’ So I pulled out this old box.”

Times got tough for Fleming, a chef, when he and his wife relocated from Philadelphia, so he remembered his father’s words.

“It’s one thing I know how to do,” said the 42-year-old Fleming, of York City. “When

it’s time for the rent, I can’t say, ‘I didn’t have a job.'”

Believe it or not, I’m thrilled to hear this. I hate the fact that you can’t get a decent shine anywhere you go anymore. Never mind that I wasn’t alive when you *could* get a shoe shine on every block, I still lament the death of the shoe shine stand. I think I’m going to have to make a coffee and a shine at the market a weekly habit.

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  1. shoe shine stands never left ny/nj. they’re not on every block, but they’re there. along with the little newspaper/cigar/etc. stands.

  2. So there IS something good in NJ!

  3. not counting me, of course!  

  4. Out of deference to your feelings, I wasn't going to associate you with the VOE unnecessarily. The way I see it you're not so much *in* NJ as dropping in for a social call on your way to more glamorous locales.

  5. thank you, that is correct!  and well said.  i must drink to that!  speaking of locales….

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