Gifts for Avdi 101

Whenever anyone asks me what I want for my birthday/Christmas/Hanukkah/etc. I always say “bookmarks”.

“Ha ha! No really, what do you want?” they inevitably reply.

“No really, bookmarks” I say.

I still don’t understand what’s so outlandish or difficult about this request. But since it seems to cause a lot of consternation, I’ll break it down into steps.

  1. Find some interesting bits of paper. Maybe some newspapers you found in the attic, or a spirograph drawing.
  2. Cut the paper into bookmark-shaped rectangles.
  3. Go to your local UPS store and have them laminated.
  4. (Optional) if you’re feeling especially artsy, punch a hole in one end and attach a ribbon. Viola, you have produced a gift that will bring a smile to my face, probably for under $5.

However, if all this sounds too much like arts & crafts day at summer camp for you, here’s an alternate procedure that requires zero assembly:

  1. Visit one of your local attractions. A state park, or the world’s biggest ball of earwax, or perhaps your neighborhood bordello.
  2. Find the gift shop.
  3. Buy a bookmark.

I really am that easy to please. Attached is exhibit A, some bookmarks my mom made me for Hanukkah. Thanks, mom!


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  1. heh! wow, you actually posted them! you’re welcome, i love doing it, and it’s easy. in fact, i laminate them myself, with laminating sheets you buy in any cvs. so it’s probably even cheaper. (next thing you know, it’ll be basket-weaving!) now all you need is time to read the actual books!

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