I’m Fresh Out of College, Have Lots of Student Loan Debt, and No Job. What Now?

Fourth, engage with the professional community in your area or online. Look for someone – anyone – who is involved with your field near where you live. Reach out to them. Get involved with any organizations that might have anything to do with your career path. Participate on Twitter and LinkedIn with regards to discussions about your chosen profession. The more you get your name out there in regards to your field, the more likely it is you’ll make that connection that you need to find a job.


Sixth, spend your spare time working on professionally-related projects. Whatever it is that you’re doing, there’s likely some way you can be honing your skills in your spare time. Build an interesting web app. Write some short stories. Do some volunteer work. Find things you can do even without employment to bolster your resume and your skill set.

I really can’t stress the above two points strongly enough. I can’t believe how many times I’ve seen someone asking this question and just assuming they can’t do anything in their chosen field until someone pays them to do it. Whatever you want to do, start doing it now, and make sure other people know about it. The money will follow.

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