It’s shit like this, rappers

…it’s shit like this that makes people think rap is nothing but trash.

Here you have a visually beautiful video, nice concept, and a strong song. And then Kanye West comes in like a 14-year old kid going HAW HAW BOOBIES IN SPACE HAW HAW I WANNA PROBE YOU HAW HAW GET IT THAT MEANS I WANNA PUT MY PENIS IN YOUR VAGINA HAW HAW HAW.

It’s like a YouTube video that comes with its own idiotic YouTube comments built-in.

Blah blah kids these days, get off my lawn, etc. It wouldn’t bother me so much if rap like that would stick to pouring out of blinged-up Escalades. Who decides to trash up perfectly good songs with it though? And how does that conversation go, exactly? “Yeah, Miss Perry, great song but we’ve decided it will sell more copies if we have Kanye West interrupt you to talk about his penis.”

And no, I don’t believe all rap is trash, but I can’t believe that Kanye exists in the same musical universe as the good stuff.

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