Lifehackers, GTDers, et. al. – I need a recommendation: (feel free to RT)

I was talking with my… friend this morning and realized that one of the differences between us is that she doesn’t naturally understand how to make plans in order to realize goals. I asked her about it and she confirmed it: she can come up with long-term dreams, but then she can’t take that from a dream to a set of concrete, achievable milestones. As a result she feels defeated a lot of the time because while she can achieve short-term success (“find a job”, “take the kids to a museum”), she has a whole laundry list of dreams that she feels like will never be a reality.

I don’t know how to teach her to plan, because it comes naturally to me. I just look at the long-term goal and work backwards, automatically seeing the invisible “dotted lines” between the steps. E.g. if I need a new car, I naturally break it down as “1. research models, and find a typical price for the year and model I want; 2. Open a savings account; 3. establish regular transfers into savings account…” (etc.) I’m not sure how to put this ability into words and teach it.

My friend doesn’t learn well from books. She learns better from websites and audio or video recordings. So what I’m looking for is:

A website or series of audio/video recordings that teaches the skill of identifying a goal, breaking it down into “SMART” steps, and then executing the plan.

Any recommendations?

Note: Please don’t say “the Zen Habits blog” or anything along those lines; I’m looking for a course with a beginning and an end, not an endless stream of tidbits. On the other hand, feel free to recommend specific blog posts.
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